What is needed in today’s world? What are the issues that effect it, and where do these issues originate from?

Is it poor governance? Is it lack of basic education? Is it lack of natural resources or just bad management of what we already have?

How does a country get itself out of poverty? Can it get itself out of poverty or, is poverty a self perpetuating situation?

What is poverty? Is it the lack of material wealth or just lack of opportunities and the basic tools made available to give them the best start – education/personal health – to make the most one percieves of their life?

Why, despite seemingly having a world which has soo much in abundance, but finite resources has our management of them not been one of our biggest priorities until recently? Is it even really that big on people’s agendas? Is it being enforced properly? Can it be?

In a modern world are there needs for political bias’? Are borders restrictive to global development or not?

How can you bring about equal rights to everyone and the chance to bring a dignified life to everyone – control it? Develop a platform for people to get out of poverty?

These are just a few of the questions I ask myself on a regular basis.. I grew up when I was young around disabled children, my parents had started a charity in the UK called Whizz Kids and so whilst many kids my age where doing god-knows what, I was busy going to London Zoo for a Whizz Kidz day out or Battersea Park for fundraisers or getting my old school headmaster to run the marathon or do fundraisers (which he willingly took on).

I have since spent a large chunk of my short life in and around global issues and at one point counted that I had volunteered for/fundraised for and worked for around 17 by the age of 22.

I have also, along with about 5 others co-founded a charity called Y-TFN, which crowd-sources young philanthropists who want to give either their time and/or money to start-ups to help them get going in the key initial stages.

I didn’t go to university, and for me this was a straight forward decision, but that’s me, that’s what I felt was right and what I wanted to not do.

Since doing all this, more recently I spent time doing basic sales, working in digital advertising and also working for an MP in UK Parliament, all of which motivated me more towards my passion which comes down to people and issues and trying to create the best environment for these to be addressed, but I obviously don’t know everything, I never will.

This year I’ve decided to set aside a year or maybe a bit more to learn about global issues from the ground up. I believe there’s only a certain amount you can really learn from books (let alone comprehend) and the most powerful and all encompassing way of learning is to be there where the issues are and see them for your own eyes.

Below is a list of the countries I’m going to and the time I’m spending in them.

In 2013, I visited: India, Nepal, Israel, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa and Brazil.

Throughout this blog will be stories regarding issues I came in to touch with. This year I tried not to actively interpret what I saw, that is a given, but is important that I relay the issues I did come in to touch with through as honest and clear a manner. I hope this blog proves to be informative, even if to be just in the simplest of manners in which encourages your interest in the topics.

Feel free to get in touch,


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